Question - WHERE do the Buddy profits go?  - Back into the GAME!



As soon as we have sold 1 Million Buddy shirts we will select 16 players (4 middle school girls, 4 middle school boys, 4 high school girls, 4 high school boys) who we will fully sponsor for a chance to make their dreams come true - their best run at the professional tennis circuit. The sponsorship includes covering the costs of: nutrition, equipment, training, travel and tournament entries. All you have to do is play, improve, and focus on winning at the pro level!

How to enter?

Simply buy a Buddy shirt from It’s only $25. That could be your Golden Ticket! Make sure to list your name, email and any social media you’d like to include. After purchase your receipt number will be logged and kept on record by the Buddy the Ball company, and from that list you could be selected. Please note you may enter as many times as you’d like. Each shirt is valued at one entry. If you’d like to enter on behalf of someone else, that is more than welcome.

How is the selection made?

Once entered the Buddy the Ball company will research through official tournament results, social media presence, word of mouth testimonials, and written stories submitted to us after inquiry. We are looking for players with the most heart!


Not only is Buddy the Ball joining forces with 16 potential professional all stars, but Buddy also aims to grow the sport globally. Right now there are an estimated 1 billion tennis fans around the world, making our sport the fourth most popular. That means 6 billion people are missing out of the joys of tennis. But can you imagine if even one tenth of us worked together to promote our great sport. The tennis love would spread 20 fold, likely making our sport the third most popular. This will be awesome!

And we do it as simply as wearing a tennis ball on our chest – most specially, Buddy the “tennis” Ball. That’s the power of your Buddy the Ball shirt! So if you love tennis, get your Buddy shirt on and get out there and spread the tennis love!



For questions or more information feel free to send us a message!