Hi I'm Buddy the Ball.

Most of all, I'm here to promote the game!!

Connecting your imagination with tennis, I am a tennis maniac! Like you, my Adventures will continue to unfold on and off the court. Since I support the game I hope you do too!

As much as I love tennis, I am not actually a tennis ball - well not entirely. Revealed in my Origin story, I actually come from a star. 



A beacon of light – I was a shooting star who pierced space and eventually Earth’s sky. Shot from the blast of a hypernova explosion, I rode the cosmic wave all the way to Earth, and it turns out with a purpose unbeknownst to me – to discover a "universal" love of tennis, and also to show the world about living with energy.



As a shooting star, I landed among a snowy mountain range, found by the mountain’s only inhabitants, a monastery of monks. They were cool!

Pure as light, the monks soon discovered that, I, as a pure energy ball could take on many different forms and sizes. After one of the monks introduced his favorite game, tennis, to me, I decided to take on the form of a tennis ball. It was the best way to be introduced to the rest of the world - your world. So here I am.

Make sure to check out the "Buddy's Mission" section to join me on my mission.