Buddy's Adventures

Although the Buddy brand promotes tennis among all ages and levels, the Buddy the Ball Adventures children's books gear mostly toward elementary school age children. These stories are imaginative sparks for young readers and young tennis players.

VOLUME 6 Origin

What once was the biggest, brightest and oldest star dimmed over eons. Dimmed dramatically. It grew nearly invisible against a pitch black interstellar space. The star dimmed because a thick layer of dust got sucked into the star’s gravity, forming a ball of cloud cover. But the star’s energy remained as strong as ever.


Beneath the clouds, at it’s very core the star      pulsated like a rapid heartbeat…thuthuthuthump…thuthuthuthump… A cluster of atoms, fire, and gas stormed, building immense pressure.                 With enormous volcanic behavior it triggered jets of steam that shot out into space. And like the greatest volcano ever, the star was about to erupt…And then it did! PWEEWWW!!


Bigger than any star-exploding supernova before, this was a hypernova! This catastrophic nuclear explosion made other nearby stars explode. An array of ultraviolet and fluorescent colors lit up the galaxy like a giant        firework. Psychedelic patterns danced across planets and other space stuff as countless islands of light shot out in all directions. The radioactive blast traveled     outward and onward.


From this electric hurricane, one of the tiny shooting stars cometed past the rest, as if destined for it’s own journey. It ventured past space rocks and space particles. It meteored way off headed    directly for a very round and very blue dot, planet Earth.


The tiny shooting star blazed through Earth’s atmosphere and across the sky, plummeting toward a snowy mountain range. Finding the tallest of the mountains, it struck the windy peak of the tip top, sticking there, but only for a moment. The wind was quick to knock the star from its place and it started to snowball down the mountain. Picking up speed and more snow it grew to boulder size, bigger and bigger, avalanching down a steep slope, faster and faster.


It tumbled downward until it crashed into a large stone wall…Thud… Most of the snow that had accumulated POWWED off into a powdered snow puff, POW! Snow  either whisked away with the wind or floated to the snowy ground.


Monks inside the monastery ran to the banging sound. Nothing was out of place at the end of the North Wing so the five monks stepped outside the door and around the corner. At the foot of the North Wall a snowball glowed with intense brightness.

It buzzed and hummed. The monks got close and bent near for a closer look. It was something foreign. They got even closer. Soon their faces were as close to each other as they were the snowball.

 It glimmered and glowed, not of snow, but of fire, but not exactly fire, but pure white, bright energy. It buzzed so brightly it lit up their faces...

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